A lot of our Clients co-operate with the Translation Agency “Serenada” over years period. During this time we together have come a long way and are very proud to be their partners and to support their activities for all these years.

We managed to achieve success not only due to qualitative translations but to the bigger extent owing to permanent exercising of mixed-language linguistic assistance in our Clients' activities.


When it is necessary to translate a technical manual or make dubbing of a corporate video to a foreign language we are ready to get down to business. The Client is organizing a conference and invites foreign partners it is also our business. One of our activities is oral consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. The presence of a highly qualified interpreter on an exhibition, a conference or at a presentation is absolutely essential. It is highly predictable to have there a meeting of a great importance with representatives of a foreign company and conclude a significant contract with foreign investors. We do not think you want to loose such a chance. But the most important thing that we supply our Clients with the highly qualitative interpretation that is inseparable from success in the modern business.


Due to the specialization in the field of business (economics, finances, etc.) translations we assure the highest quality level that means so much to our Clients.



We are sure that in the most responsible moments it is the qualitative interpretation and the exact word that make a determinative advantage in a competitive activity!