Translation Agency Serenada renders its services in such translations as:

  • legal translation (translation of statutory documents, foundation agreements, contracts, powers of attorney, warranties, documentation for vehicles or real estate);
  • economic translation (financial documentation, annual reports, accounting documents, etc.);
  • technical translation (technical documentation, manuals, technical specifications and descriptions);
  • translation of published works (newspaper and magazine articles, booklets, advertisements, etc.);
  • translation of medical documents (medical reports and certificates);
  • translation of personal documents (passports,identity cards, work-books, certificates, etc.)


Translation Agency Serenada offers its services in interpreting at the meetings of different level and format, including:

  • consecutive interpretation;
  • conducting of telephone negotiations and conference communication;
  • simultaneous interpretation.



Translation Agency Serenada renders its services in editing texts of different subjects.
As a rule, editing of the text is already included in the price of a translation. All documents translated by the Translation Agency Serenada are subjects to the obligatory editing but you can order text editing as a separate work.

—scientific and technical editing also includes the process of a verification of the translated document with the original. Editing is done by the professional editor or the informant that are specialized in this subject field.
—stylistic editing gives the text an impeccable stylistics resulting in nothing interfering while reading and distracts for meaning understanding.
—editing of the text by the informant raises the translation level to the level of a native language.

Video Produce

Translation agency Serenada does the interpreting of corporate reels and TV commercials.

Translation and localization of web-sites.

Translation Agency Serenada translates web-sites and computer software (including user interface).
Nowadays, more and more companies generate their web-sites on foreign languages. It facilitates contacts with foreign partners, clients and customers, attracts attention to the produces and services not only in the native country but also abroad.

Subscribers' Attendance

Let us imagine, that your demand in translations is irregular in time, amounts are not intense and the subjects are different. The staff translator will not manage to do this. And the translation agency will take an extra charge for the urgency.

In such case it is more beneficial to become a subscriber of our Agency.
- pay a sum approximately equal to your monthly demand
- give us your order and forget about it.
We start the work with your order immediately and EVERYTHING WILL BE DONE IN TIME!
Even if the current order exceeds the planned one by 10% we will do it for you free of charge!

Here are the advantages of such approach:

- immediate realization;
- minimum of formalities;
- economy f time and finances;
- simplicity of attendance;
- additional percentage discounts.

Corporate Attendance

If you need operative (within several hours), mixed-languae, permanent (everyday basis) translation of moderate volumes it is of a greater advantage to do this through the Translation Agency Serenada.
We have a special program of attendance and linguistic support of corporate clients and PR departments (telephone negotiation, business correspondence, press releases, news, press surveys, etc.)
Advantages of such approach:

- imm- immediate realization;
- minimum of formalities;
- economy f time and finances;
- simplicity of attendance;
- additional percentage discounts.

For placing of order for translation and/or evaluation of its price, please, fill in the application or call the following phone numbers:  


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